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Virtual Conference Malaysia: The Emergence of Virtual Conference in Malaysia 2022

  Virtual Conference Malaysia

Virtual conferences are no longer a novel idea, but they are still not mainstream. The most common reasons for not attending a virtual conference are the lack of physical presence, missing out on networking opportunities, and feeling disconnected from the event.


Truth be told, virtual conferences help companies reach out to a broader audience.

In Malaysia especially, virtual exhibitions are quickly becoming the go-to solution for small and medium-sized companies to show off their products without relying on expensive venues.


The country’s proximity to other nations means business owners & managers have plenty of opportunities for international collaboration. With this, people can share their products through new customers and partnerships.


In this post, we’ll go through everything to know about the landscape of virtual conference Malaysia and your go-to platform for your online conference needs!


What is A Virtual Conference?


Virtual conferences are a great way to connect people from different cultures and countries. They allow more people to get involved and access to these events without being physically present.


Business professionals can communicate live, share screens, and stream video to get information from their clients and customers.


These ways are perfect for professionals who work remotely or have frequent interactions with clients/customers


You might not need to spend a ton of money on visits to places or traveling to conferences so you can show people what you can offer.


Those can be expensive and time-consuming endeavors.


Another significant highlight is that these exhibitions are open 24/7 to anyone with an internet connection!


How Does A Virtual Conference Work?

  Virtual Conference in Malaysia  

People can do virtual conferences either recorded or live-streamed online. A typical virtual conference takes place when two parties hold a conversation through video chat software.


The event typically does not take place in one specific location but instead is held in many places at once.


It means that attendees can hear the presenter and interact with other participants without travelling between locations.


Summary: Virtual conferences are easily accessible!


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Why Host a Virtual Conference?


Why, you ask?


It’s all for being more cost-efficient!


A conference over the internet is an excellent way to share ideas. In addition, it allows businesses to save time and money, which they can invest in other aspects of the project.


In other words, connecting the event online means that you don’t have to worry about traveling long distances and can still enjoy all the benefits of an in-person event!


It doesn’t take much: just a laptop or mobile device with internet access to view presentations, read charts, watch videos or take part in audio conferences. The only challenge is that things can get – tricky to conduct remotely – but fear not, we are here to adapt and overcome these uncertainties in the equation!


How to Organize A Virtual Conference with Virtually Malaysia?


First things first, set a timeline for your event so you can tell potential attendees when it’s happening. You can include this in promotional materials to make sure they know when it starts.


The next step you need to take is to come up with a way to generate awareness for your event.


You also have to be familiar with your original objectives while measuring the impact of your conference.


Finally, plan your marketing channels, email listings, website, and social media the way you want people to talk about your event!


You can do this easily with the help of Virtually’s features which allow you to manage and plan effortlessly.


Virtually Malaysia Virtual Conference Features

  Virtual Conference Features

Virtually Malaysia is an event management company that specializes in organizing virtual conferences.


Aiming to utilize the advancement of technology to bring people together worldwide through fast-paced discussions on topics of interest, Virtually helps companies carry out internal and external conferences, online trainings, webinars, workshops, and more.


Take a look at the features offered!


Flexible and Reliable Presentation

Virtually Malaysia is a virtual conference organizer with access to the latest state-of-art technologies.


Enjoy super reliable and flexible leisure of choosing from 3D virtual designs & animations, real-time presentations, semi & semi-live pre-recorded webinars, interactive maps, chat rooms, and a whole lot more!


Extensive Networking Options

Virtually provides a range of flexible networking features to connect and engage with attendees.


These include text chat, video chats, and audio chats – all of which encourage participation in the online discussions set up so participants can actively engage with one another.


There is no need to spend lots of time searching through the entire directory for someone’s email address – instead, you can filter your searches with filters like geographic location and interests.


Non-Stop Engagements and Interactions

Virtual conference solutions are to help you run your conferences better. Using a virtual platform allows you to include certain features you might not otherwise have for a physical meeting or conference.


For example, with Virtually’s services, one of these features is a live Q&A so you can interact with your attendees from any device.


In addition, you can encourage the participants to join live contests like trivia, scavenger hunts, and leaderboards.


Customized Virtual Booths

With Virtually’s services, your esteemed vendors have the chance to present their products and services using virtual booths.

Every virtual booth has its chat room and meeting schedule.

Furthermore, they allow visitors to read through content that highlights different brands & companies in their booths.


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Straightforward Tracking of Data and Feedback

You can easily track event performance by surveying attendees, getting ongoing feedback, and looking at live stats like endless chats or document downloads.


Main Highlights of The Virtually Virtual Conference Platform

  Virtually Malaysia Virtual Conference Features  

Platform Environment

Engage your attendees to a whole new level via interactive features like 3D environments in various designs.


You can also create a realistic simulation of your physical location, so people have the feeling they’re in a digital world you’ve made.

This strategy is excellent for branding while making your customers feel more at home.


Exhibition Hall

Personalize your virtual exhibition space to fit your marketing objectives. You can pick whichever template suits you best and add banners, video & audio presentations to captivate visitors.



Choose from three different types of webinars: live, semi-live & pre-recorded.

You can also broadcast your recorded presentation automatically or manually on any of your media channels.


Chat and Networking

Allow attendees to interact and stay up to date with event sponsors by using the chat bar. Organizers can also communicate one-on-one via audio, text, or video chat.


Web Integrations

Use apps like Zapier to automatically transfer data between your virtual events. You can also use your contacts to reach out to new event attendees. Make sure you enter them into your database afterward!


Mobile Event App

Mobile events are perfect for those who can’t make it to an event in person, with features like networking, information sharing, and learning. The new mobile app makes these functions easy for people with Android or iOS phones.


Event Sponsorships

Captivate event sponsors with features that will help you garner more exposure and generate leads.


Event Builder

Use this feature to manage your event hassle-free: plan and execute effortlessly!


Event Marketing

Lead up to your event by showcasing your brand and providing more reasons for attendees to come. With personalized email campaigns & landing pages, you can do just that.


Specialized Features

Host your online events with just a few clicks. This way, buyers are more likely to buy things they usually wouldn’t have thought of purchasing themselves or chatting directly with you during the conference.


Event Gamification

Invite participants to your event with gamified features that are sure to bring rockstar fun to rockstar stats.


Customer Support

Sit back and relax with Virtually’s services. Rated number 1 on G2, the customer service team works hard to ensure your events’ success – hosting your virtual event will be a walk in the park.


Event Report

View and keep track of all of the information & stats for your virtual event on the real-time dashboard.


This strategy will show you how active your audience was throughout the show.


Other Features

Customize your virtual conference using the convenient built-in features, including text size adjustment and color contrast. Participants are sure to appreciate the value of built-in features like size adjustment & color contrast for customizability.


For blind or partially sighted attendees, speech or text readbacks can be another helpful feature.


Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Conference with Virtually


Nowadays, virtual conferences are safe and easy with companies like Virtually Malaysia. They provide the equipment (and everything) you need for any event! Other benefits may include:

  • Unrestricted information sharing
  • Extended audience reach
  • Higher odds of attracting sponsors and partnership
  • Real-time performance tracking and evaluation
  • Cost-efficient and effective

Host your Virtual Conferences With the Virtually Malaysia

  Virtual Conference Features  

Hiring an event planner can be expensive and time-consuming. If you don’t want to deal with that, consider hosting your next event at the local community center with Virtually.


You don’t need to worry about excessive planning with our hosting platform. Instead, you can host your virtual conferences in a more interactive and engaging environment that encourages audiences to participate at every point.


You can also use it to train your employees by holding live presentations online or personally inviting your clients to see your products.


Virtually is your go-to solution for virtual conferences, with convenience, cost-efficiency, and speed all combined in one ready to serve.




What is meant by virtual conference?


Remote conferences have been around for a bit and have come into their own over the last few years. One of the reasons they’re so popular is that they’re much cheaper than traditional conferences.


Virtual conferences include live presentations, live web videos, and interactive components. It might sound outdated, but this is an excellent way of fostering collaboration between people in different locations.


How does a virtual conference work?

Virtual conferences allow companies and individuals to deliver presentations, interact, meet and discuss virtually.


They come in several forms, including live webinars, pre-recorded videos, or live streaming.

Virtual meetings are much more straightforward for participants when they can view the information provided in an email invitation to get all the relevant info. Remote workers, those in remote offices, and those with disabilities can all take advantage of conferences of this nature. In addition, they provide a way to stay connected and inclusive for employees that may need accommodations due to their disability or inconvenience.


What do you need for the virtual conference?

A virtual conference can be seen as any meeting online via various technologies. It would help if you prepared for everything in a regular conference, such as the venue, speakers, and topics.


A successful virtual conference should consist of:

  1. A space where your participants can sit comfortably.
  2. A projector or large screen so everyone can see what is happening on your computer screen.
  3. A laptop or tablet to host virtual conferences.
  4. A set of reliable microphones and speakers.

How do you organize a virtual conference?

The first step in setting up a virtual conference is deciding your target audience.


Who will be attending? What are their goals and objectives? What are their work styles and preferences?


Next is to decide on the format of your event. For example, you may choose to host a webinar, seminar, or workshop.


Lastly, ensure that you have all the necessary technology required to broadcast live video, audio, and slideshows before you begin your first virtual event and virtual conference Malaysia with Virtually Malaysia!


What are you waiting for? Contact us and tell us about your ideas!

Creating Value Beyond Conventional Events

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