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Creating Value Beyond Conventional Events

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1. What is the optimum speed that we must have to host a Virtual Event?

The optimum speed for upload and download is 30 Mbps.


2. How long should a virtual event be?

A virtual event is recommended for 2hrs max to remain the retention rate.


3. I was having difficulties with the audience engaging/interacting with the organizer during the virtual event. How do I solve it?

i – Content must be attractive. Mass carefully curated content always prioritizes how each program engages with the audience in the topic and at an emotional level.

ii – The production quality is important. However, not all events have to be top-notch cinematography. But a cautious selection of the equipment that’s needed to produce such an event is essential.

iii – Their real-time interaction is crucial for a virtual event. Always make sure your event has multiple ways to engage with the audience from interesting Q&A sessions, gamified interaction to breakout room conversations.

iv – Capitalize on available software and apps online that are integrated with the platforms of virtual events.


4. How do we promote virtual events through digital platforms?

There are many ways to ensure visibility on social media and attendance or event they provide experience. Content marketing is important but pairing it with an effective performance marketing campaign will always bring excellent results.


5. How do we do gamification in Virtual Events?

At Virtually, we utilize our own developed digital event communication app to engage attendees to alter participants’ behaviour and experience while accomplishing our event goals, such as games that are effective in getting the audience to interact with the exhibitors, their peers.

Give them more reasons to be involved in all the activities that were presented in the virtual environment. After all, everyone likes to win. Besides, this helps you to gain the ability to keep the attendees engaged creatively.

However, be mindful that different events will require different engagement strategies. Always remember to put yourself in the attendee’s shoes before planning any gamification activities.


6. What are the types of Virtual Event services?

At Virtually, we cover a wide range of virtual events from virtual talks to VR experiences. However, virtual launches, virtual expo conferences, and achiever’s nights are the most popular among all the virtual events.


7. When virtual events go live, how do we ensure the seamless of virtual live events without technical glitches?

At Virtually, we always go the extra mile to ensure seamlessness. Besides having an on-site, tech buddy, or support team, we produce these guide videos beforehand for all the attendees. This guide video is for clients to know what they need to do. They know what to expect at every point in time. Also internally, we have a comprehensive checklist, so everything can happen in order properly and for us to conduct the virtual event.


8. How can we generate ROI through virtual events?

I.  Plan ahead to hype up the event
II. Track down the data and review it
III. Analyze the data
IV. Get the right tool for the right place


9. Should we host a virtual or hybrid event?

Depends on clients need vs expectation




Faster turnaround



Cost Saving



Greater Reach



Flexibility & Convenience



Reduced Travel Cost



Creating Value Beyond Conventional Events

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