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Creating Value Beyond Conventional Events

The Best Event Management Company in Malaysia

The Best Event Management Company in Malaysia  

As an event organizer in Malaysia, MyVirtually’s goal is simple – to add value to our virtual events through the creation of immersive content, and to establish ourselves as a benchmark for event management and event marketing.


We aim to become the spark of change for companies that wish to delve into the realm of virtual events, and the flash of inspiration for new ways to consume content through a virtual event space.


Our Virtual Event Management Services | All Your Events Under One Platform

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We do more than just organize events; we’re here to craft truly unique virtual experiences

As an event company, we pride ourselves on being a customer oriented events organizer.


What this means is that from corporate event planning to organizing intimate personal events, our event planning team is poised to meet your expectations of the best possible way you’d like to run your event and help in creating bespoke events and experiences.


We’re here to change the paradigm for hosting events through digitization

It is evident that the pandemic was the biggest catalyst for running events through an online platform, and many event management companies were quick to jump on the bandwagon, but MyVirtually has been operating in this field as an event organizer for almost a decade now, and we believe this allows us to better understand what works and what doesn’t.


Whether you’re planning a formal or informal event, we’re confident we’ve seen it all, and know best what to bring to the table to ensure you have the amazing event day you deserve.


We challenge the way in which virtual events are normally run

Technology is a big part of running virtual events, especially if your entire event is based on a digital platform. But what a lot of event management companies have only just started to catch on is that there can be more to event production than just broadcasting.


Here at MyVirtually, we want you to be able to immerse yourself in our virtual events, and we do so with our creation of captivating 2D/3D virtual environments. Regardless if you’re planning to run leisure events or corporate events, our production team is here to facilitate your visual effects needs and making sure your virtual event is more than just a static background.


We’re equipped to help you achieve your event marketing goals

Online shopping has undoubtedly been booming the past couple years, and to leverage on that growing demand, we’ve figured out a way to turn your web events into interactive and actionable items that can quickly turn leads into conversions.


If you’re into trade shows or you’re looking to do a product launch, having convenient call-to-action prompts embedded in different parts of your event can be a huge driving force for sales, all the while keeping costs low.


Why to Organize Events with MyVirtually

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Granted, there are many other event management companies in Malaysia, and you may feel hesitant about signing on with us.


To help give you a better idea, here’s what sets us apart from the rest of the competition.


We are Highly Results-Focused


Your target audience will see what you want them to see when you want them to see it. As an integrated event management company, we’re here to help you create the experience you intend to pass on to your attendees. For us this means cutting away with the fluff and streamlining your virtual event as much as possible in order for you to get the most value from it.


We Have a Good Track Record


One of our successful past projects include helping to plan and organize TEDx talks, which our event production team has been doing for 8 years. We’re also one of the longest running event management companies in Malaysia, and this gives us experience to leverage on when helping you plan some truly extraordinary events.


We Have an Award Winning Video Production Team


Our team of videographers and engineers is a well-recognized entity in the event management community, but behind all the accolades lies a great amount of dedication to the craft. And we strongly believe this directly translates to how much life we breathe into any single event.


We Like to Think Out of The Box


We like to think out of the box – like any event planner, we like to come up with ways to wow the crowd and make exceptionally creative events. In order to achieve that, our content management team puts incredible effort into crafting stories that interact with and immersify the crowd, all just to give it that personal touch.


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  The Best Event Management Company in Malaysia  

And there you have it. Our brief little introduction into what we do and what we can bring for you and your event.


As one of the top event management companies in Malaysia, we believe we’re capable of helping you bring your vision into reality and make your event locations light up with buzz.


But if you’re still not convinced, we’d be more than happy to chat with you to see how we can best deliver to your event planning needs.


Creating Value Beyond Conventional Events

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